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Fighting games played on Sina.com (is there any Chinese website for fighting games on Sina.com?) Can this work? ,

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Picked up 12 Chinese websites for playing fighting games on Sina.com, all of which are extremely interesting, especially the second, third and last two, you can’t bear it after you lock the black lips lock it! 1. Crazy games mailbox: crazygames.com/two foreign 3D fighting game Chinese websites, which contain various types of Sina grid fighting games, including adventure, driving, puzzles, close combat, dressing up and other types of fighting games, Therefore, the resolution is high and the picture quality is high, and the overall new experience of fighting games is good. To be honest, it is also convenient. You can play directly after locking the preferred fighting game you hate. You can give priority to the single-player fighting game business model, and you can play with two player business models or multiple friends. 2. Voiteur's email address: yikm.net/two Chinese websites for anthology of fighting games that I used to play when I was a child, which contains many classic fighting games, such as Shadow, Skylanders, Youth Basketball, Hou Hanshu, Rockman, Brave, etc. It can help you find the joy of childhood, you can play with the lock, the mouse can replace the joystick, and you can also make copies of fighting games, so you can continue to play without any delay. 3. ACG Face Pinching Mailbox: picrew.me/This very interesting ACG character pinching face fighting game can not only fabricate the face shape, but also give priority to choosing between annoying faces, eyes, makeup, embellishments, eye symbols, clothes, and backgrounds It can be pressed into whatever shape you want, which is very interesting, and it can be preserved for portraits. 4. Mikutap mailbox: aidn.jp/mikutap/Two interesting and cogl Chinese websites, after entering, just click the A-Z button on the button and the mouse to make different human voices, as long as your hand speed is too slow, You can hear a piece of beautiful music, so the human voice used is the future of VOCALOID, go and have a try! 5. Belarusian Rubik’s Cube mailbox: farter.cn/tetr.js/ Two Chinese websites for Belarusian Rubik’s Cube fighting games. The action games are the same as those they played in childhood, or they moved it online so that they could not You can play this fighting game at home. When playing on Sina.com, you can adjust the position by pressing the button and arrow keys. There are many action games that can be selected first, so it is supported to return to Buku Province. 6. What to eat in the evening E-mail: chishenme.xyz/ Two Chinese websites that can help you solve the pain points of what to eat. If you don’t know what to eat at this time, just lock it, and then click to start, and many dessert names will be skipped. In the end, when you click stop, random numbers will be given to you to choose two first. If you don’t want to eat, tell the truth, and you can get two more. 7. Theuselessweb mailbox: theuselessweb.com/Two unknown Chinese websites, click the PLEASE button after entering, it will take you to two unknown Chinese websites, and each time you enter is almost different, but they are all quite interesting. For example, for this vibrating bug, you move the mouse and the bug will move with your mouse. When you move the mouse quickly, the bug will move faster, and when it reaches a certain speed, it will start a flash business model. 8. Photo-to-caricature mailbox: gaituya.com/manhua/ Two Chinese websites on Sina.com that turn photos into comics. Lock and upload pictures to quickly turn them into comics. It’s pretty good, and you can save them directly after turning them into comics Yes, it’s free. In addition to photo change comics, there are also functions such as old photo repair, black and white photo coloring, blurred face repair, etc. You can play it when you are free. 9. Google Dinosaur mailbox: chrome://dino/ Two small fighting games that come with Google Chrome. When the Internet is disconnected and the Google Chrome is locked, this small fighting game will automatically appear. Use the space bar to control this The little dinosaur that walks on its own, just help it jump over thorny cacti and avoid deadly crows. When you are connected to the Internet, you can directly copy chrome://dino/ to the mailbox bar, and you can also play. 10. Emoji minesweeper mailbox: muan.github.io/emoji-minesweeper/ This Sina minesweeper fighting game, minesweeper is also a small fighting game played a lot when I was a child, but it has disappeared since upgrading to Win10, and this small minesweeper Fighting games combine minesweeper and emoji eyes, which is interesting and beautiful. The specific action game is also very simple. Left-click to open two points; right-click two points to mark them as bombs; 11. 20Q mailbox: 20q.net/two Chinese websites that can guess what you are thinking, just think of two things, and then click yes or no according to its question, it will guess you in about a dozen rounds Interesting thing to think about! If you can play fighting games with your friends, those who don't know will think it's a bit awesome. 12. Anthology of Foreign Little Fighting Games E-mail: pacogames.com/ Two foreign little fighting game anthologies in Chinese, which contain a variety of fighting games, including 3D, action, sports, driving, strategy, what girls love to play, Multiplayer, logic, it’s very convenient to put the mouse on the fighting game and you can still see the preview to play. You don’t need to register and log in, you can play after locking it, but there will be some advertisements on the page. The above are 12 Chinese websites where you can play fighting games on Sina.com. You can bookmark them and take them out to play anytime when you are bored. Some small fighting games can also be played by fishing at work! In the end, if you find it interesting, remember to like it!

Fighting games played on Sina.com (is there any Chinese website for fighting games on Sina.com?) Can this work? ,


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