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Chen Jinghe, the 63-year-old chairman of ST Molong, married a 38-year-old investment banking business woman (the 63-year-old mining boss Chen Jinghe lost his beloved wife, and married a model wife a year later, saying that true love has no boundaries. , stretched to the base of the legs, with an amazing waist-to-hip ratio) Is that okay? ,

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Preface On the National Day of 2020, in a high-end hotel, two pairs of younger generations were giving speeches. Although the dancing people stood up and congratulated without saying a word, it was inevitable that someone wrote in a low voice, " The combination of Deng Yijun, what are you looking for if you don’t ask for money?” This is not two pairs of juniors in the general sense, but a glamorous model married to an old man in his 60s. That old man is Chen Jinghe, the godfather of the mining industry, worth tens of billions of dollars. He is not only the vice chairman of ST Molong, but also the vice chairman of the China Gold Association. But the only pity is that after the death of his beloved daughter Lai Zhaoxia two years ago, the two of them T5670 could not spend their old age together when they were in trouble together. After the death of his beloved daughter Lai Zhaoxia, Chen Jinghe wrote a few The 100-character "Reminiscence of Love Girl Zhaoxia" also made the public feel Chen Jinghe personally again, thinking that he is not only a successful business owner, but also a smart "good man". But only two years later, major media rushed to report that Chen Jinghe married a model daughter who was 25 years younger than them in a high-profile manner. As soon as the news came out, there was an uproar in the public opinion, good and bad voices came one after another, even Chen Jinghe's son firmly opposed it, but that bold woman didn't care about any comments at all, and wanted to make a vow of love at the wedding, "Everyone firmly believes in true love Is it? I used to think that true love is not a necessity in life, until I met Mr. Wang, he made me believe in true love, so we have to use marriage to prove that true love can break through and cross the boundaries of age." Chen Jinghe took the microphone and wrote excitedly Said "I firmly believe that our love will break the shackles of the world." Then how did the billionaire Chen Jinghe succeed, how did his life relate to the current model and his daughter, what happened to him and their niece? Welcome everyone to test drive today’s article. Yalei’s reposting is the biggest motivation for my creation. Ordinary staff to Zhu Lijing, the "Gold Mine King". Due to the influence of reservation, Chen Jinghe has developed a good quality of active self-study. The older brothers and sisters in the family will also take Chen Jinghe to practice and explore in the field, and use the experience to increase knowledge. Therefore, Chen Jinghe is different from his peers. Every time after school, the single room is used for reading. Writing, not going out timid. Therefore, Chen Jinghe is a top student in the class, and is deeply valued by his classmates and the school. Every year-end remedial class single room is the object of the students' key praise. Working in the production team, he quietly studied by himself and waited for the opportunity. After the resumption of the college entrance examination in 1977, Chen Jinghe spent a lot of trouble stealing books, trying to prepare for the extracurricular exams in place in the last two months, and was admitted to their enviable university. With the help of his father, Chen Jinghe was successfully admitted to Nanjing University. Chen Jinghe did not hesitate to study his major, because when he was young, his grandmother often told him the story of "Zijin Mountain is a copper doll wearing a golden hat". Chen Jinghe, who is curious and exploratory, has developed a strong interest in geological exploration. Since he was a child, he has firmly believed that there is a big gold mine hidden in Zijin Mountain. Therefore, Chen Jinghe learned more professional knowledge by himself during his college years. After graduation, he still chose a job corresponding to his major and joined the Geological Brigade of Western Fujian. Ten years of youth dedicated here is Chen Jinghe's true love story To start a relationship, but to turn this beautiful feeling into a driving force for progress. It is not until the two of them have completed the mission of the college entrance examination and have a stable job that they can complete the major events in life. But Chen Jinghe is a geological worker, and Lai Zhaoxia is a They couldn't run the small family together, but Lai Zhaoxia didn't complain, but chose to support her husband Chen Jinghe's career and took the initiative to take care of the elderly. Chen Jinghe's gratitude to his wife is beyond words. Not long after the two were newlyweds, Lai Zhaoxia received the good news of her pregnancy. Although Chen Jinghe was very happy in his heart, due to the nature of his work, he could not be by his wife's side. Lai Zhaoxia was not squeamish, but wanted to tell Chen Jinghe to "keep your heart in your stomach and work hard for the country", but at that time, Chen Jinghe was not satisfied with his work, and the prospecting gold reserves in Zijin Mountain were too small, so no one was willing to do so. Continue to waste a lot of financial and material resources to mine. However, Chen Jinghe has always believed that there must be more "gold" hidden underneath, so they simply let others do it. They took the initiative to find investors to dig. So in September 1992, Chen Jinghe ended their ten-year senior engineer status of the Geological Bureau , came to the mine in Shanghang County as a manager. Afterwards, under great pressure, Chen Jinghe began to learn foreign mining technology and management system by himself, and led their team to blow up the top of Zijin Mountain. Day after day, they surveyed and researched. Even when his wife was about to give birth, Chen Jinghe couldn't rush back. After Lai Zhaoxia gave birth to her son, in order to better support Chen Jinghe's career, she voluntarily applied to become a medical nurse in the team, and brought her son and Chen Jinghe to live in Dashan because of the silent support of that powerful woman With hard work and dedication, Chen Jinghe was able to put aside everything else and devote himself to his work. Finally, after ten years of hard work, the team achieved great success and discovered a gold mining area of more than 400 square meters. So far, Chen Jinghe's "golden dream" for many years has finally come true. This time, it took Chen Jinghe another 12 years to make the company bigger and stronger and complete the listing. Everything is moving in a good direction, but his wife Lai Zhaoxia, who has been with Chen Jinghe for 60 years, is getting worse and worse. In the end, she couldn't survive and passed away in 2019 due to illness and medical treatment. In the two years after the death of Chen Jinghe's niece, his eighteenth bride Bashiro, with pale hair and red makeup, he was always in a low mood, until at a banquet, after Chen Jinghe met the generous Qian Bing, everything went wrong. Everything has changed. Qian Bing was a hard-working girl when she was young. They started to make money after they went to college, and achieved financial independence early. In their spare time, they would also work as part-time models in bridal shops. Although they participated in several models Children's competitions, but there are no outstanding results. So at the request of her boyfriend, the two entered the palace of marriage, and gave birth to a boy after marriage. The two ran a coffee shop together. Although they were not rich, they lived a comfortable and happy life. Bing’s marriage only lasted three years before it ended. Qian Bing took the child back to her parents, and they went to the United States to study in order to improve. This also laid the groundwork for her subsequent acquaintance with Chen Jinghe. Bing met many bigwigs in the financial circle through friends, and naturally met Chen Jinghe, the proprietress of mines, at a banquet. At first, Qian Bing was full of admiration for Chen Jinghe. As a junior, she always asked Chen Jinghe for advice humbly, and at the same time, she would give Chen Jinghe the warmest care when he was lonely. Although the combination of the two people who are favored by the world is not favored by outsiders, and many rumors and rumors continue to attack them, but they firmly vowed at the wedding that "time will prove everything," which may be the first love for them. The best "promise" for a second marriage. As Chen Jinghe said, there is no unique thing in the world, just meet and know each other and love each other. Of course, Chen Jinghe did not forget his late wife's wish during his lifetime, took over the public welfare undertakings managed by his wife, and continued to complete the things that his wife failed to complete. The conclusion can only say that the fate in this world is very wonderful, people can’t always live in the past, life must always look forward, the same is true for Chen Jinghe and Qian Bing, their true love doesn’t matter what the outside world says is about money, or it’s about "youth" "Beautiful", their future married life will prove everything, and time will give the answer. I hope everyone can find their "true love", sooner or later, and get rid of the world's vision and age boundaries. Well, the content of this issue is over here, my favorite friend Yalei pays attention to and reposts, see you in the next issue.

Chen Jinghe, the 63-year-old chairman of ST Molong, married a 38-year-old investment banking business woman (the 63-year-old mining boss Chen Jinghe lost his beloved wife, and married a model wife a year later, saying that true love has no boundaries. , stretched to the base of the legs, with an amazing waist-to-hip ratio) Is that okay? ,


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