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【1 day】Regional keywords Miaopai Tencent homepage [Miaopai amphibious warfare case]

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Book title image: [1 day] Regional keywords Miaopai Tencent homepage [Miaopai amphibious warfare case]​mp .weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MzI4MDA2Nzk5OQ==&mid=2247483718&idx=1&sn=b89fc586276685fd048fc0c9216ca53a&chksm=ebbf6bb6dcc8e2a039831656e4ab 87bc715e288dc6505ad47154d1e476266df970d2c008b5e3&token=858487295&lang=zh_CN#rd case screenshot: I haven’t written to us for a long time Wen, recently a new student joined the keyword list in a certain area, which shows that hehe, this student is a treasure (to learn HTML tags, not T8300, let alone strengthen), start learning from T8300, build a My own Chinese website, so follow Nidong’s classmate’s handouts step by step. Yesterday’s Chinese website was included in the website, and all the keywords were ranked in N positions on the homepage of Tencent’s homepage and certain keywords. We can also see the nonsense. In short, here Release the search engine, the search engine is: http://www.jsfb-china.com, in case some brothers and sisters say it doesn't matter! 1. Search engine factors (win on the road of life) Search engine price: within 300 yuan, product Quality: Usually Comprehensive praise: Usually the age of the search engine is within 9 years, according to the boxing method taught in the Nidong VIP professional course, the age of the search engine is preferred, no brown history, no inappropriate history, this search engine complies with the regulations, When doing SEO, you must quantify most of the small things (or digitize most of the small things) in order to achieve SEO control. The snapshot of the search engine is better, UR39 DR19 indicates that the quality of the snapshot product is relatively high, and the quality of the root search engine product of the snapshot is average. In other words, the quality of the snapshot product is higher than that of the root search engine product. Well, the snapshot will also affect the ranking! 2. Keyword industry layout (innate efforts, self-improvement) In terms of keyword industry layout, I have talked about N many before, according to the TF-IDF algorithm, and the code fan Empire State Building tool, in related Sex, and identifiers are all done well, because I have talked about it too many times in the future, and students who want to know more can read the article before Nidong! 3. Text processing (snapshots are king, text is king) Brothers and sisters who are familiar with Nidong know that Nidong never cares about the production of the article in the future. The key is to make the article and meet a few points. 1. The text does not need to be original; It is related to the theme of the Chinese website) 3. It is easy to understand (fill in the photo) 4. The subtitle of the text page is the same, so it conforms to Tencent's unofficial algorithm! Word technology is not particularly difficult. If this search engine directly does a certain hot keyword, it will not be able to rank in seconds like it is now.

【1 day】Regional keywords Miaopai Tencent homepage [Miaopai amphibious warfare case]


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